Allow evolution to advance life forward, and the Earth its equilibrium, by limiting human agency and promoting a new future.


Twenty-five million to the first continent-and-ocean-crossing passenger-airline, fully pollution free in the air and on the ground, before 2021.


The judges are registered voters worldwide, in accordance with standards for zero-emissions, set by the EU, the USA, and Asian, African and other governments.

the real promise — Since all of the earth's stored energy, found in fossil fuels and uranium, is equal only to three days of sunshine on earth, it's obvious that our focus and future should be the capture and storage of the sun's energy, through ever more efficient means. (In theory, atomic reactors have much to recommend them as well, but the consequences can be uncontrollable. Simply, ejecting spent fuel from the solar system isn't an option. Also, democratizing energy, allowing every household to heat and power itself with a nearly-spent uranium core, is begging chaos.)

the false promise
— Given population increases, minimalization thru conservation is a runaway treadmill. Remedial efforts to minimize carbon-based emissions do not work; our use grows faster than our regulation. Clean-up strategies clutter the category of too-little too-late. Simply, airlines don't clean up after themselves. It's not part of their business model. In any case, efforts to disappear CO2, in a proprietary manner, require ever more CO2 production: the energy involved is greater than the energy re-captured. P.s., those touted nanobots are a chimera. Solutions are not invisible.

the defeatist option
— Accepting and accommodating to climate change will be deadly. We will not be quick enough. Transforming the CO2 problem into publicity diamonds, as so many are wont to do, bends the focus away from real solutions. The fact is, we must pressure the hounds to chase their own tails, while we quietly experiment, to achieve new technologies, which optimize our future rather than diminish it. We can't let other partners in CO2 crime, the aircraft and engine makers, who lack the agile interest to lead the way, disappear us, ahead of themselves.

an overlooked option
— There is a simple immediate stop-gap with real potential, that was proposed more than 60 years ago, but still is ignored: one primitive single-celled alga, a collector of both the sun's energy and carbon dioxide, absorbs 20 times the CO2 of an average land plant cell. Indeed, chlorella pyrenoidosa will absorb all the CO2 it is offered. Grown in water six inches deep, over 35,000 square miles, the harvest, can be eaten, buried, built with, or, assuming maximum yield, converted into one billion barrels of oil — but then of course we're right back where we started.

finding the right focus
— The old standards still apply. We need leaps of imagination, political will, courage, hard work and sacrifice. We need scientists, inventors, and leaders equal to the challenge. The airline industry is one of the worst polluters and continues to escape the consequences. It needs to accept the hard reality and chase innovation, as if its life depended on it. This prize is meant to encourage this. Instead of racing after space travel and more polluting routes, airlines need to refocus and change their ways entirely. Asking someone else to clean up after them will not work. Change is the only choice.

Future Negatives

If this prize is not collected, then it should be used toward punishing polluters collectively, by demanding that earth-healthy goals be reached, whatever it takes: gratuitous air and space travel must be restricted and eliminated; the number of planes allowed will be limited; all countries must obey the same ecological dictates; privilege and poverty must not be interpreted as permission; the rich and the poor alike can not be excused; advertising by polluters should be outlawed; all PR and publicity must carry fine print, detailing unhealthy deceptions; existing pollution licensing can deny profit to polluters; China and Russia must allow pollution monitoring, and then be ordered to use their foreign exchange reserves to deal directly with their immeasurable problems. Indeed, all penalties must be harsh, in line with the consequences. However, dragging airline executives out of their offices and drowning them, every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, is excessive, but jail-time for pseudo-scientists appointed by politicians, lobbyists and interest groups should be considered. Closing all loopholes indefinitely is not punishment enough. Change is the only choice.

Future Positives
Change is choice. If we support independent invention as well as reorient our science centers, if we demand that our taxes be applied to new priorities, the Earth will welcome us. If current airlines and aircraft manufacturers don't wholly reorient, they will be replaced with new companies and a new breed, who will deserve the awards they receive. We look forward to granting this reward as part of the process.


to the airlines:

Sing us a swan song of the south pole, lead us into the desert on fire, shroud Earth like its sister Venus, or fund your own future, erase the smog smile, shred the crueler rules of money, end this contest for polluters; we'll reward you with our prize....(Robinson Joyce)

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